Recent Victories

Fighting Climate Change

Helped pass the landmark Climate Solutions Now Act, which commits Maryland to net zero emissions by 2045.

Saving the Bay from Plastic Pollution

Helped pass a statewide ban on polystyrene foam (aka Styrofoam) takeout cups and containers to help save the Chesapeake Bay from plastic pollution.

Making Textbooks Affordable

Secured $5 million from Congress for the Open Textbook Pilot program that will save students an estimated $50 million in textbook costs

Getting Out the Vote

Amplified student voices by helping students register to vote and making over 13,000 personalized peer-to-peer get-out-the-vote reminders for the 2020 elections

Helping to Save Antibiotics

Helped persuade Subway, McDonald’s, and KFC to stop selling meat raised with the routine use of antibiotics in order to protect life-saving drugs

Banning Fracking

Helped convince decision makers to pass a bill to ban fracking in the state of Maryland

Strengthening Democracy

Defended your voice in our democracy by helping enact a small donor matching program in Montgomery and Howard County

Saving Student Aid

Helped prevent a proposed $2.6 billion cut to Pell Grant funding, protecting the ability for thousands of MD students to afford college education.

Alleviating Homelessness

Raised over $1,000 for those impacted by Hurricane Maria alongside Students for Puerto Rico