Current Campaigns

MaryPIRG Student Climate Action Coalition (MSCAC)

Coordinators: Reese Barrett and Emma Krueger
Email: [email protected]
Follow us at @umd.mscac!

MSCAC (MaryPIRG Student Climate Action Coalition) is a campaign founded at UMD that includes students from universities across the state of Maryland. We’re working to pass statewide legislation to reach carbon neutrality on all Maryland public campuses. Through a combination of campus and state-level advocacy tactics and education, we are fighting for environmental justice right in our own backyards.

Zero Hunger

Coordinators: Ayanna Chambers and Buckley Sake 
Email: [email protected] & [email protected]

Food insecurity is defined as a lack of consistent access to enough nutritious food to support a healthy lifestyle. One out of nine people in the United States are food insecure, and on college campuses, this issue is magnified; one out of six students in higher education experience food insecurity. In a campus and community with numerous resources and food available, there is no excuse for so many students to not know where their next meal is coming from. Our solution is to know who is food insecure and get them the resources they need. To do so, we must address the stigma surrounding food insecurity through educating students, faculty, and staff on this current and pressing issue. Through stomping the stigma, we will be able to reach students who are food insecure, and redirect underutilized resources on campus, such as the food pantry, to those in need.

Public Health

Coordinator: Greeshma Anand
Email: [email protected]

Right now, the world is dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic because of COVID-19. This virus has uprooted the everyday lives of people across the globe, including the students and employees at the UMD Campus. Whether we come back to campus in the fall, or not, it is important to address the many physical, mental, and emotional problems facing individuals during this pandemic and help with the transition to the new normal. We plan to advocate for programs that will help the emotional and mental wellbeing of students and employees on campus and ensure, if we return to campus, that UMD will provide students and employees with proper PPE and testing kits to promote physical wellbeing in the UMD community.

New Voters Project

We believe that the full participation of young people in the political process is essential to a truly representative, vibrant democracy. Together young people have the power to elect the next generation of leaders who will fight for our shared vision of the future, but only if we vote. MaryPIRG’s New Voters Project works to activate the largest voting group in the country. Through tabling, text and phone banking, online outreach, and more we work to make sure every student has the opportunity to have their voice heard in our elections.

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