100% Renewable Energy

To fight pollution and prevent the worst impacts of global warming, we’re working to repower our campuses, communities and the country with 100 percent renewable energy.

Affordable Higher Education

A college degree is practically a necessity these days, not only for the individual student, but for the economic and social health of the country. But as states cut budgets, and grant aid has diminished, students are relying on loans to pay for college.

Break Free From Plastics

Nothing we use for a few minutes should threaten our health and pollute our future for hundreds of years. We’re calling for campus, city, and statewide bans on single use plastic products, including plastic bags, straws and take-out foam cups and containers.

Democracy for the People

The Student PIRGs are pushing back against big money in our elections and working to institute a system of small donor incentive programs, to amplify the voices of the American people over corporations, Super PACs and the super wealthy.