MaryPIRG advocates for FUTURE Act, calls for 60% cut to MD greenhouse gas emissions


This spring, we’re continuing our work to fight climate change. From extreme weather events to sea level rise, it’s clear that we need to act now to save our planet. So, we are working to pass The FUTURE Act, a bill written by students that will commit the entire University of Maryland System to carbon neutrality by 2035 or earlier!

Want to take action RIGHT NOW? We are working to build as much support as we can from students to pass The FUTURE Act! A great way to show student support is to email our legislators directly letting them know that you care about all of our future and need them to pass our bill this spring. You can check out the GUIDE TO EMAILING LEGISLATORS for samples, links to more info about The FUTURE Act, and a tool to find your legislators. When you’re done, be sure to track who you reached out to at the bottom.

In addition, MaryPIRG’s Student Climate Action Coalition has joined other state coalition partners including CCAN Action Fund, and CASA to call on Maryland legislators pass comprehensive climate legislation this session, including efforts to cut the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030, fully electrify new buildings, retrofit existing facilities to be more energy efficient, and ensure communities that are most impacted by the climate crisis feel the benefits of these actions.

MaryPIRG students and other activists convened in front of the Maryland State House in January for a demonstration to symbolize global deaths related to climate disasters and call for action.

“It’s time to pass the most comprehensive climate package in Maryland’s history,” Green said in a statement. “These are our lives that we’re talking about. Our future is literally at stake and the best way for us to fight climate change is by changing climate policies.”

Emma Green, MaryPIRG Student Climate Action Coalition
Activists set up empty chairs in front of the Maryland State House on Wednesday, the first day of the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative session, to represent the lives lost to climate disasters. Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

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