Join UMD Students Friday at our Sustainability Teach-in!

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This past week, you may have seen MaryPIRG tabling and putting up flyers around campus to spread awareness about our sustainability teach-in.

What is a teach-in? It is an opportunity for students and different groups on campus to get together and learn about the issues that our campus is facing, and to show the faculty that we mean business.

Our school has relied on the use of fossil fuels as energy for a very long time, so making a change begins with educating the student body on the importance of switching to renewable energy. We are encouraging students to join Fossil Free UMD and the Sustainability Co-op as we gather in front of the admin building from 2-4pm this Friday the 22nd to discuss important changes that need to be made on campus.

           This event will be led by student leaders from groups such as Fossil Free UMD, Scoop, NRHH, and the Student Sustainability Committee. Speakers will give important perspectives on climate change and renewable energy solutions, as well as what we can do to meet our goals for sustainability. The goal of this event is to spread awareness of what is going on and encourage the involvement of students in making a positive change on this issue.

           Along with educating the public and encouraging involvement, the Sustainability Co-op has a list of demands that they want to make the administration aware of:

1.       Implement a sustainability general education requirement

2.       End the investment in fossil fuel industries

3.       End all direct use of fossil fuels at UMD

These three demands need to be met to achieve our sustainability goals on campus. They are attainable and we need to show the administration here at UMD that we will not stop advocating for sustainable solutions until our demands are met.

Even though it is cold outside, we hope to see you there on the front steps of the admin building on Friday to show your support on this important issue. We need our message and our demands to be heard.