Maryland PIRG Staff

Emily Scarr
State Director
(410) 467-9389

Emily Scarr is the Director of Maryland PIRG Citizen Lobby and Maryland PIRG Foundation. As the Director, Emily works on a variety of issues including campaign finance reform, toxics and public health, consumer safety, and tax and budget reform at the local, state, and federal level.

Since joining Maryland PIRG Emily has helped advance reforms in the state including restricting toxic flame retardants, establishing citizen funded elections in Howard County, and making Maryland the second state in the country to ban the routine use of antibiotics on farms.

In addition she works with and trains Maryland PIRG staff and Maryland PIRG Students at the University of Maryland-College Park to be leaders in the public interest movement, and works with a number of coalitions in the state working to advance local and state reforms.

Prior to joining Maryland PIRG's staff, Emily worked as the Student PIRGs' Internet Organizer. In that role she crafted and ran online campaigns for U.S. PIRG's student chapters, including campaigns to register tens of thousands of students to vote online, protect the pell grants, and pass federal health care reform.

Emily graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Sociology.