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SGA Supports Plastic Bag Tax

The Student Government Association at UMD College Park voted in support of a disposable bag fee in Prince George's County! One step closer to reducing plastic bag use in our community. Check out the full article!

MaryPIRG Rallies for Plastic Bag Tax

On Thursday, MaryPIRG had it's first chapter meeting of the year. We heard from a guest speaker, Matt Dernoga, who works in Prine George's County Councilwoman Mary Lehman's office. Dernoga spoke about the upcoming legislation in the Maryland State Legislature that would allow Prince George's County to pass and implement a disposable bag fee on single-use plastic bags. Similar fees have been implemented in Washington D.C. and Montgomery County where, according to Dernoga, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. "D.C. has seen an 80% reduction in plastic bag use in the last two years since the fee was implemented. They have also raised $3.5 million for River and Bay cleanup efforts." Read the full story here!

Media Hit | Hunger

MaryPIRG Benefit Concert

MaryPIRG hosts a benefit concert to raise money for the National Coalition for the Homeless. 

Media Hit | Textbooks

Textbooks Graveyard

MaryPIRG held a textbooks graveyard event on Halloween to exemplify what happens to books after they are used for a semester. 

Media Hit | Higher Ed

MaryPIRG and SGA Fight to Protect Pell Grants

MaryPIRG and Student Government President, Kaiyi Xie, cosponsored a letter to Super Committee member Congressman Van Hollen urging him to protect funding for the Pell Grant.


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