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Media Hit | Energy, Sustainability

Offshore Wind Rally in Annapolis

Students, citizens, and lawmakers rallied in Annapolis to fight for Offshore Wind Power in Maryland. We have the chance to be the first state in our nation to create an Offshore Wind farm and make a giant step towards a clean and renewable future. Let's make it happen Maryland! See the full story.

Media Hit | Energy, Sustainability

Video: Student Rally for Offshore Wind in Annapolis

The Diamondback made a news video of our Rally for Offshore Wind in Annapolis. Check out the speech by Governor Martin O'Mally, Campaign Coordinator Sam Rivers, and "All We are Saying... Is Give Wind a Chance!"

Media Hit | Higher Ed

Congress urged to act fast on student loan interest rates

On Tuesday, students delivered 130,000 petitions to Congress urging them to not double interest rates on student loans. US PIRG higher education advocate, Rich Williams, and Save the Bay campaign coordinator Sam Durdock, are featured in the video clip of this media. Read the full story and be sure to visit the web link to see the video!

Groups target textbook prices to rein in college costs

A push to create free or inexpensive textbooks is gaining momentum as educators, philanthropists and policymakers nationwide search for new ways to rein in college costs.

Media Hit | Higher Ed, Textbooks

Diamondback Editorial about Textbook Costs and Solutions

Yesterday, the Diamondback editorialized about textbook costs and the proposed state law that would create a tax holidays for textbooks during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Unforuntately, this is not a real solution to textbook affordability and the Diamondback agrees. Check out the full article and the quotes from our US PIRG report about textbook affordability.


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