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Obama, Romney focus on student debt as campaign issue

“This should send a clear message to Congress that this is a common sense nonpartisan issue,” said Rich Williams, higher education advocate for U.S. PIRG.

Media Hit | Higher Ed

New York Times: Student Loan Interest Rates Loom as Political Battle

Rich Williams, the higher education advocate for U.S. Public Interest Research Group, said he thought about 14 moderate Republican senators might support the effort to keep the interest rates down. “This should be a bipartisan issue,” he said. “It’s something everyone gets.”

Media Hit | Higher Ed


On Thursday, UMD students rallied on the Mall against the $50million cut coming to USM. Chants of "Back to Annapolis!" urge legislators and Governor O'Mally to call a special session and priroitize higher education as an investment in our future. 

Media Hit | Higher Ed


Video clip of the Higher Education Rally in the afformentioned medai hit, TIME TO RALLY.

Media Hit | Higher Ed

Students Rally Against Cuts

Facing over $50million in cuts to the University, President Loh and the Student Government Association discussed how they could be work together in the coming months to ensure that our higher eduaction dsystem in Maryland is not drastically affected. These cuts sparked the creation of Students for Maryland, a coalition of the SGA, MaryPIRG, Campus Dems, and others who are working to lessen the negative impact of the state budget on higher education.


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