Energy Efficient Maryland

Left: Students and activists rally for Offshore Wind in Annapolis. Right: Maryland PIRG staff release progess report on EmPOWER Maryland

We have an energy problem.

  • Too much of our energy comes from dirty sources that threaten public health and harm our environment. 
  • We needlessly waste energy by not using commonsense energy efficiency programs.

Maryland still gets two-thirds of its power from dirty, polluting coal. And, much of our electricity is imported from other states, leaving power lines badly overstressed.

Being wasteful with energy raises bills and drains money out of our economy. Meanwhile, energy companies want to use rising demand for electricity as an excuse to fast-track expensive new power lines and power plants in Maryland that we have to pay for.

Victory for Offshore Wind!

In 2013, we helped bass the Maryland Offshore Wind. By harnessing the power of the wind blowing off our shores, we can repower our lives with clean energy that doesn’t pollute and never runs out.

Here in Maryland, offshore wind is a powerful but untapped resource

The area off our coast, just 12 miles out from Ocean City, has the potential to be one of the most productive areas for harnessing wind power in America. By taking advantage of this resource, Maryland could one day power 1 million homes with clean, pollution-free energy.

EmPOWER Maryland Save Millions

In 2008 we helped pass the EmPOWER Maryland Act, establishing clear energy efficiency goals for the state. However, the Public Service Commission (PSC), the agency responsible for overseeing the bulk of EmPOWER Maryland’s energy savings goals, has failed to properly manage efforts by the state’s five investor-owned utilities to meet efficiency targets. If current programs do not improve, Maryland risks missing its 2015 energy savings target by as much as 52%.

To get Maryland back on track, the Public Service Commission must do more to ensure that utility programs are achieving their share of EmPOWER Maryland targets and approve all efficiency programs that deliver a net benefit to Maryland and our economy.

Issue Updates

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Offshore Wind Rally in Annapolis

Students, citizens, and lawmakers rallied in Annapolis to fight for Offshore Wind Power in Maryland. We have the chance to be the first state in our nation to create an Offshore Wind farm and make a giant step towards a clean and renewable future. Let's make it happen Maryland! See the full story.

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